The last 6 months have brought lots of changes. We have added more buyers and suppliers than ever before and we have developed and released small to large product updates that we hope have improved your experience. Alongside new features, work was done on several existing key areas to make our platform more user friendly and to incorporate valuable feedback directly from you, our users.

Requests for Quote

'Qty Offered'. The system will now ask for and capture the Quantity Offered instead of Quantity Available for every request of quote so that Suppliers can provide Buyers a more accurate offer.

New AOG Flow.This is seamless for AOG buyers but we have introduced a new AOG request/response flow whereby buyers are immediately notified when an invited supplier is able to support a most urgent part request. Before entering their quotes suppliers are promptly asked to submit the location of the requested part and contact info.


Requests and Quotes API. Suppliers can now automate their bids by using the paid API to receive requests and submit their bids. The API can be used to integrate with internal ERP systems to avoid duplicating efforts of entering and responding to quotes. More technical information on the API can be found at


Supplier Email Notifications. Logged-in users can configure their email notifications to control how they are notified by the system in a number of different scenarios.

Upcoming Features

Product Rebrand & UI Refresh

In the coming months, we will be rolling out a new product UI together with our new product name and brand. You will continue to benefit from the same great functionality you have been using with more to come.

Purchase and Repair Order Management

Good progress has been made on upcoming Orders Management feature. This new product module strives to automate the follow up process, streamline the communication between Buyers and Suppliers and offer a new level of order management. Here is a sneak peak of what is to come 😉

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