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Buyers: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - December 2019 Edition
Buyers: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - December 2019 Edition

Product Update for Buyers (Dec 2019)

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These last few months marked a major milestone for SkySelect. We launched 🚀which is the evolution of our previous product named DeltaBid. We brought a new fresh look, many interface improvements and revealed more of the company's vision as we added the Orders module of the platform. While it is still in beta, Orders is the next milestone towards a connected and seamless data rich workflow for the aviation industry.

While working on the big challenges, we kept refining and extending existing features. We used your amazing customer feedback to address identified pain points and improve the overall quality of the platform. Here are some of the results directly visible to you:

Sourcing Improvements

  • Want to encourage suppliers to give you a better price? Or ask for more paperwork? You can now select individual contacts who receive messages ✉️. All contacts invited to the request are now conveniently grouped by their company. You can choose which contacts of the company will be notified about the message. 

  • AOG Quotes sorting. 🔝 As lead time is the decisive factor for AOG-s, fastest to ship quotes are now on top

  • Viewing on different screens. 🖥 Quotes comparison table and other elements of the requests flow have been optimized to support more screen sizes. This is the first step and we are continuing the efforts to provide a good user experience across various device types.

User Management

  • Reopen & Remove Award permission. 🏅 New user group permission. Allows users to reopen finished RFQs and reset awarded quotes.  

  • Manage Weblinks permission. 🔗 New user group permission. Allows users to change Weblinks settings.


Orders Dashboard
Buyers can now manage their purchase and repair order process using an easy to use Kanban style board. This board is organized in align with your order management process. To get started, we can integrate with your ERP or M&E software or you can simply upload a spreadsheet with all your order line items on a periodic basis. Orders will be organized by priority and actions required. You will be able to easily identify what orders are overdue and which are on their way to your maintenance teams. You can chat with your suppliers to inquire on the status of your open orders and see if any changes or exceptions apply.

PO Digest

This is the first step in the automated follow-up we are providing buyers who are using the SkySelect Orders module. Suppliers are now automatically receiving open order reports from SkySelect on behalf of buyers reducing email exchanges and saving you time. As you start using SkySelect to manage your order follow-up process, the system will track and prompt suppliers to provide updates through a chat module. This will be followed by an ability to provide updates on due dates and shipping details as well as track changes and exceptions.

Contact us to start managing your orders through powerful data visualization, change management, automatic follow-up and more. Get in touch with our to get started. 👩🏻‍💻

Thank You for using SkySelect!

Is there an important feature for you missing from the product? Or want to point to a problem or a bug? At SkySelect we welcome all feedback, feel free to reach out by leaving us a message here or contact us via email.

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