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Suppliers: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - December 2019 Edition
Suppliers: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - December 2019 Edition

Product Update for Suppliers (Dec 2019)

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These last few months marked a major milestone for SkySelect. We launched 🚀which is the evolution of our previous product named DeltaBid. We brought a new fresh look, many interface improvements and revealed more of the company's vision as we added the Orders module of the platform. While it is still in beta, Orders is the next milestone towards a connected and seamless data rich workflow for the aviation industry.

While working on the big challenges, we kept refining and extending existing features. We used your amazing customer feedback to address identified pain points and improve the overall quality of the platform. Here are some of the results directly visible to you:

Private Listings

Use Private Listings if you are receiving too many non relevant RFQs. This new capability is intended to reduce noise for suppliers who only want to respond or view requests that match parts their parts list.

  • Upload and manage your lists. 📃Start using private listings by uploading a CSV file with your part numbers. We will remember up to 5 last imported files and you can set which one is active at a time. See more under Settings, Private Listing.

  • Focus on parts that match your listing. 🎯While looking at your requests dashboard or submitting an actual bid you can now toggle the filter that will leave only requests and parts matching the listing visible on the screen

  • Opt out of non matching requests. 🛡If you want to only receive invitations on parts that you have listed check the Opt-Out box in the settings.

PO Digest

Starting this month, you will start receiving open order reports from SkySelect on behalf of a number of our buyers. Buyers are starting to use SkySelect to manage their order follow-up process. Soon after, you will be able to chat with buyers in the Orders module followed by an ability to provide updates on due dates and shipping details. Order changes and exceptions will also be handled in SkySelect.

This new capability supports our mission to help you more efficiently support buyers by providing up-to-date information on the status of their orders and eventually process your invoices so you are paid on time.

Quote Form

  • Mobile support. 📱We have noted your feedback and now users can submit quotes using the smartphone.

  • Submitting Quote user experience. 🧤 You can notice several improvements to the table. We keep working on our commitment to make quoting as frictionless as possible.

Product Tips 

  • Hover over quote date to see who submitted the quote. 👆 For completed and active quotes on the dashboard you can now see the latest quote date and who submitted quotes for this RFQ.

  • Market Insights. 💡 Get visibility on how your quotes performed relative to the competition in terms of: price, lead time and response time. You can also find out if there were many or few quotes buyers had to choose from. Log in and visit Insights to learn more.

Thank You for using SkySelect!

Is there an important feature for you missing from the product? Or want to point to a problem or a bug? At SkySelect we welcome all feedback, feel free to reach out by leaving us a message here or contact us via email.

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