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Buyer: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - April 2020
Buyer: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - April 2020

Product Update for Buyer (April 2020)

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Here at SkySelect work on improving the product continued 🛠 throughout the first few months of 2020 despite the difficult times the industry has entered. Our focus was on tools that increase and measure process efficiency. We help to create and manage orders and improve communication. We bring more value to the buyers and suppliers with new, completely overhauled analytics.  

Order Management Improvements 🕹

Q1 of 2020 has brought another level of order detail and true interactivity to the SkySelect Orders:

  • Get an overall order overview, more details on every part, manage all the line items on one screen. Click on any card on the dashboard to open the Order Detail View 📑

  • Real time messaging 📨and file exchange 📎 in the context of the selected order and part. All the communications between the buyer and supplier is easy to find in the Messages Panel of the Order Detail Screen. Configurable email notifications.

  • Activity Panel provides a timeline 🕰 of all order related events and changes.

  • Suppliers and buyers can mark orders that have been shipped 🚢, update ship date, provide AWBs and file attachments.

Create Orders straight from RFQs 🆕

Make the most of using SkySelect by connecting the quotes you received to the actual orders. Select the best quotes for an order and avoid double entry of information. Just attach the order pdf and check the generated draft, then transmit the order to the supplier with one click.

  • First select the quotes for order. Order drafts will be generated, grouping selected quotes conveniently by supplier. Later you can return to any RFQ and use existing quotes to quickly create new orders.

  • Then reliably transmit orders and receive acknowledgements. 📬 Never lose an order in the mailbox again - transmit through SkySelect.

Contact us to start managing your orders with powerful data visualisation, change management, automatic follow-up and more. Get in touch with our to get started. 👩🏻‍💻

Sourcing. Choose how you sort received quotes 🧮

Decide if you want to sort the list of quotes based on price, lead time or use our new Best sorting which takes the combination of price, lead time and condition into account.

New Analytics 📊

We are very glad to announce the new reporting capabilities of SkySelect. Discover further ways to optimize the costs and performance in these critical times.


  • Examine the distribution of RFQs by Priority and Request Type

  • Get better understanding of quote sources

  • Get details on the cost savings made

  • See which suppliers have best prices and who are the most active quoters 

  • Identify the parts that drive cost the most or are required frequently

  • See the performance of individual buyers 


  • Get a wealth of statistics on open orders

  • Birds eye view of upcoming and past due orders

  • Supplier analytics

Thank You for using SkySelect!

Do you lack a certain feature in the product? Or do you want to point to a problem or a bug? At SkySelect we welcome all feedback, feel free to reach out by leaving us a message here or contact us via email.

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