Here at SkySelect work on improving the product continued 🛠 throughout the first few months of 2020 despite the difficult times the industry has entered. Our focus was on tools that increase and measure process efficiency. We help to create and manage orders and improve communication. We bring more value to the buyers and suppliers with new, completely overhauled analytics.  

Order Management Improvements 🕹

Q1 of 2020 has brought another level of order detail and true interactivity to the SkySelect Orders:

  • Get an overall order overview, more details on every part, manage all the line items on one screen. Click on any card on the dashboard to open the Order Detail View 📑

  • Real time messaging 📨and file exchange 📎 in the context of the selected order and part. All the communications between the buyer and supplier are easy to find in the Messages Panel of the Order Detail Screen. Configurable email notifications.

  • Activity Panel provides a timeline 🕰 of all order related events and changes.

  • You can mark orders that have been shipped 🚢, update ship date, provide AWBs and file attachments.

  • Acknowledge new orders on SkySelect. 📬 Never lose an order in the mailbox again.

Prepare you account for SPEC2000 integrations

We are expanding our SPEC2000 capabilities, allowing more automation and improving the efficiency of the process. 🤖

  • Do you have SPEC2000 capabilities? Enter your IATA Address and SPL Code in the account settings to start receiving spec messages.

Contact us to start managing your orders and quotes through powerful API and SPEC integrations. Get in touch with our to get started. 👩🏻‍💻

New Analytics 📊

We are very glad to announce the new reporting capabilities of SkySelect. Discover further ways to optimise the costs and performance in these critical times.


  • A summary of PN RFQs received, quoted on, your average time to quote and sales opportunities.

  • Received RFQ detailed charts and tables such as most requested PNs, actions taken on invitations and a breakdown of PNs by RFQ priority.

  • Quoted RFQ detailed charts and tables such as average time to quote by Buyer company.

  • Detailed breakdown of sales opportunities such as the top 50 PNs by estimated sales opportunity.


  • A summary of open orders with useful graphs and charts.

  • Detailed breakdown of on-time line items such as those due within 72 hours.

  • Detailed breakdown of past-due line items.

  • Detailed buyer analysis.

Thank You for using SkySelect!

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