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Product Overview for Buyers
Product Overview for Buyers
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Order Follow Up

Our Order follow up allows you to follow up on current and upcoming orders based on urgency and the date of fulfillment. You can also set an automatic follow-up with suppliers of delayed and upcoming orders. 

Our System helps you to:

  • See all the open orders one place and search by supplier, Order, buyer or PN

  • Check which orders are delayed and may need attention

  • Access the latest shipment details (including AWB Number) as updated by the supplier

  • Follow up automatically on delayed and upcoming orders through a weekly email


Our Messaging System allows you to message Suppliers in the Platform and keep track of all the communication within the system. Simply log into the system, go to the request and message the supplier without leaving the platform. 


Our Analytics allows you to get both a bird’s eye view and deep dive into data to help drive insights in order to reduce costs and drive better on-time delivery.

We provide data and insights on:

  • Quote History 

  • Suppliers

  • Part Numbers

  • Delayed Orders

And much more!

Recommendation Engine

Our intelligent recommendation engine identifies the additional suppliers,  who are most likely to have the part that you are looking for so you don’t have to.


Instead of having multiple systems, SkySelect allows you to integrate our platform with your current systems and supplier in order to allow a frictionless procurement process.

Search Feature 

Using Search Feature you can find out what were the latest prices quoted and by which suppliers. Our feature helps you find out the relevant information by using previously listed prices, quotes, and you can even upload your order history in order to help you make smarter decisions every time. 

How does it work?

  • Open the Requests dashboard

  • Enter a Part Number or RFQ to the search field at the top-middle of the page

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