In Q2 of 2020 SkySelect was focused on helping you to guarantee more demand and quoting select parts automatically.

Our new features at a glance:

  • Guarantee new demand & automate quoting with Hosted Catalogs
  • Analytics has been improved to see all past invitations & quote performance
  • Full SPEC2000 Orders support
  • Quote more quickly with a simplified Quoting Template

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General Improvements ✈️

We have streamlined the sourcing process by enabling adding different part types in one RFQ and improving compliance with industry standards:

  • Our previous RFQ templates have been merged into a single Outright Purchases template 📑.
  • WSP (work stoppage) priority is now supported 🛑
  • Extended support for industry-standard UOMs and conditions 📦

SkySelect Hosted Catalogs 📒

Do you want to generate more revenue on SkySelect? With Hosted Catalogs you can:

  • Guarantee new demand and/or generate automatic quotes based on an uploaded parts lists
  • Get prioritized exposure to airlines and MROs
  • 🆕 Upload several catalogs and choose which customer they apply to
  • 🆕 Select the point of contact to handle quotes and leads depending on the customer

The analytics module includes a separate section for reporting on the generated quotes, leads, and sales opportunity through Hosted Catalogs.

Improvements to Analytics 📊

Several improvements have been released for the Analytics module.

  • Filter the RFQ report by buyer companies, RFQ priority and category
  • Get more complete and descriptive data in CSV export files
  • Get visibility into your performance through Hosted Catalogs

SPEC2000. Orders ⚙️

SkySelect now has full support for order transmission and management via SPEC2000 including the following messages:

  • Order Transmission and Acknowledgement
  • Order Changes
  • Shipment Notifications
  • Invoices

Contact us to start managing your orders and quotes through SPEC or powerful API integration. Get in touch with our to get started. 👩🏻‍💻

Quote Submission Page ✅

Several improvements were made to the quotes submission page to make the process of entering quotes and communicating with the buyer more frictionless:

  • Required fields can be different from part to part and are now highlighted with a red corner
  • You can now message the buyer directly from the quote submission page
  • Button to copy all PNs to clipboard was added
  • More information about the RFQ including document attachments are now displayed on this page
  • Performance improvements to the interface

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