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Buyer: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - Q2 2020
Buyer: ✈️ Discover the latest product updates - Q2 2020

Product Updates

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Our new features at a glance:

  • Sourcing Automation can now import & source your requisitions automatically

  • Best Sorting helps you find the best value by blending price, speed & condition

  • Can now see Supplier Performance live in-RFQ & Improved Analytics

  • Merged all purchasing templates into a new Outright Purchase template

  • Full SPEC2000 Orders support

Ready to learn more?

In Q2 of 2020 SkySelect was largely focused on helping customers to automate the sourcing and ordering processes. We significantly improved our SPEC2000 capabilities, built new integrations, and made several user experience improvements. Major additions were also made to the Analytics module.

General Improvements ✈️

We are streamlining the sourcing process by allowing adding different part types in one RFQ and improving compliance with industry standards.

  • Outright Purchase template: We've merged the C&E, Rotables, and Chemicals template into a new, easier-to-use, single template for purchasing 📑.

  • WSP (Work Stoppage) priority is now supported 🛑

  • Extended support for industry-standard UOMs and conditions 📦

Sourcing Automation ⚙️

Automate the RFQ process end to end. Link your ERP with SkySelect and generate RFQs automatically based on requisitions. Start collecting the quotes immediately from automated sources.

Contact us at to start automating your sourcing process 👩🏻‍💻

Supplier Performance Highlights ⭐️

Click on the chart icon next to the supplier's name to see quick highlights of the company performance on the platform.

Improvements to Analytics 📊

We've redesigned our analytics module to give you better insights and control into your spending, suppliers, and operation as a whole!

  • Filtering based on buyers, RFQ priority and PO type

  • Understand your usage, supplier behavior & cost savings

  • Get richer, more complete & descriptive data in improved CSV export files

SPEC2000 Ordering ⚙️

SkySelect now has full support for order transmission and management via SPEC2000 including the following messages:

  • Order Transmission and Acknowledgement

  • Order Changes

  • Shipment Notifications

  • Invoices

Contact us to automate your ordering process through SkySelect and SPEC2000. Get in touch with our to get started. 👩🏻‍💻

Quotes Sorting & Best Recommendation 🔺🔻

You can sort incoming quotes based on price, lead time, or use our algorithm to find optimal quotes based on a special mix of price, speed & condition!

SkySelect Hosted Catalogs 📒

You can now instantly see quotes from catalogs uploaded by suppliers in new RFQs.

Reach out to the supplier using messaging to confirm the details and paperwork on the catalog quote.

Others ✅

  • Your filters preferences on the RFQ Dashboard are now always saved. Set up the filters to fit the dashboard to your needs.

  • RFQ dashboard is now showing part numbers below the RFQ title to help quickly identify the requests.

  • Addition of tooltips and emphasized lead time in Quotes Summary view.

  • Visual improvements to the quotes comparison excel report.

  • Recommendation Engine algorithm was improved to make sure we reach out to the supplier contacts most relevant for your account.

Thank you for using SkySelect!

Do you lack a certain feature in the product? Or do you want to point to a problem or a bug? At SkySelect we welcome all feedback, feel free to reach out by leaving a message here, or contact us via email.

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