To upload Parts on Contract, you need to follow our template:

You can upload the catalog under Parts on Contract settings. The csv file should have a header row, followed by rows of parts with various fields such as price, location and lead time. These fields are listed and described below.

  • Part number, MANDATORY

  • Alternate Part Number

  • Description

  • UOM, comprehensive list of allowed values:

  • Qty Available

  • Min Order Qty

  • Std Pack Qty

  • Location¹

  • Condition, please use any of the two-letter values on the left. The abbreviations will map to the values on the right:

  • Serial number

  • Lead time in Calendar Days²

  • Unit Price³

  • Currency³, according to ISO 4217 standard⁴

  • Supplier Code

  • Manufacturer Code

  • Notes

¹ Use same formatting across all rows for one location. If you have the part at multiple locations, include them as separate rows with the same part.

² Specify Lead Time in Calendar Days or "Stock". 0 is same as "Stock".

³ Note that automatic quotes will only be generated for items with price and currency.

⁴ Find values at

The following table also summarises the Min, Max Length and Allowed Values for each field.

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