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How to use quote approval flow

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Any user who can access the RFQ can invite a colleague to approve quotes.

  1. Go to "Actions" and select "Request quote approval".

  2. Select a colleague from the list. You can also type to filter the list.

  3. Press "Send Invite" to confirm the selections.

  4. Check the top right corner of the RFQ. The assignee name is displayed there.

Assigning the RFQ for quote approval does not limit other request actions or awarding decisions.

An email notification will be sent to the assigned user with a link to the RFQ. Any user who is assigned as approver will get access to the RFQ, regardless of folder restrictions. The "View RFQ" user group permission is sufficient for finishing approval. Other RFQ actions, like awarding decisions or messaging, will be available to the approver user as well, depending on respective user group permissions.

RFQs that are currently assigned for approval to other users will be shown in a separate section - "In approval" on the Requests Dashboard.

RFQs that are assigned to your user for approval will be shown in a separate section - "Approval requested." This section is visible by default and appears at the top of the list, to make sure such RFQs are easy to find.

The user who is assigned as approver will see the RFQ in approval mode, where it is possible to:

  1. Expand parts to see quotes.

  2. Select the checkmark next to the quote to set it as approved.

  3. Once all parts and quotes are reviewed - click "Finish approval process" to save the decisions and notify the user responsible for the RFQ.

  4. Access message board and other RFQ actions that permissions allow

After approval is finished, the RFQ goes back to its original status. Quotes that have been approved will show a green "flag".

Additional info about the users involved and the timeline can be viewed in the Compliance Log.

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