Our Messaging System allows you to message Buyers in the Platform and keep track of all the communication within the system. Simply log into the system, go to the request, and message the buyer without leaving the platform. 


Our Analytics allows you to get both a bird’s eye view and deep dive into data to help drive insights in order to drive sales and strengthen your relationship with Airlines and MROs

We provide data and insights on:

  • Quotes

  • Part Numbers 

  • Orders


Instead of having multiple systems, SkySelect allows you to integrate our platform with your current systems and supplier in order to allow a frictionless process.

The system provides access to a REST-based API which is documented here but we also support custom integrations with leading ERP platforms such as Quantum, Pentagon and others.

Private Listing

Private Listing enables you to filter your RFQ invitations to match a list of Part Numbers that you upload on SkySelect. You can configure the system in three different modes:

  1. Highlight part numbers that match your private listing: Parts that match your private listing are highlighted. You can choose to only show those parts when submitting quotes by toggling your view.

  2. Enable private listings filter by default from view: Only parts that match your private listing are shown by default. You can always switch off the filter when submitting quotes.

  3. Opt-Out, completely, of RFQs that don’t match your private listings: You will not be receiving requests to quote parts that do not match your uploaded parts list.

Hosted Catalogs

Our Hosted Catalogs allows you to upload a catalog or push list to get the orders that you have been missing out on. We also reduce your additional effort by automating quotes based on your hosted catalog and provide you insights using monthly reports of search results and quotes generated.

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