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Product Overview for Suppliers

Quick overview of supplier features for making the most out of your experience with SkySelect

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Inventory Catalog

Our Inventory Catalog feature allows you to upload catalogs or push lists to generate matches for parts requested on the SkySelect platform. We also reduce your additional effort by automating quotes based on your catalog and provide you insights using monthly reports of search results and quotes generated.

Inventories offer a range of helpful features to make your business operations more efficient.

  • Take advantage of price breaks to automatically quote for any quantity.

  • Opt out of notifications outside of your catalogs to limit unnecessary noise for parts you don't stock

  • Map your inventory to any existing quote location, providing accurate quotes to your customers.

  • Manufacturer or distributor support with 0 or empty quantity with any lead time you need to fulfill orders.

Find out more in Feature breakdown & Template and guide help pages!

Inventory catalog page overview. Showing catalogs with part information like total parts, number of priced parts, Validity date, uploaded date and uploader. Additionally a tooltip is open that shows multiple locations mapped to catalog locations

Business Units

The Business Unit (BU) feature allows users to set up different units that sell material in your company, usually, they have a unique registered CAGE code.

Providing Business Unit information (CAGE code) on quotes makes sure that buyers can correctly identify and allocate the quotes to the vendors in the system and guarantees that resulting purchase orders will be sent to the correct entity. You can quote the whole RFQ or every line with separate Business Units.


MOV (minimum order value) and MLV (minimum line value) are convenient features that can be used to set a minimum order and line value for all customers or specific ones. Once set, these values will be automatically applied to quotes that are generated. This can help ensure that buyers are aware of your request and it can help avoid rework or inefficiencies.


Our Analytics allows you to get both a bird’s eye view and deep dive into data to help drive insights in order to drive sales and strengthen your relationship with Airlines and MROs

We provide data and insights on:

  • Quotes

  • Part Numbers

  • Orders


Instead of having multiple systems, SkySelect allows you to integrate our platform with your current systems to allow for a frictionless quoting and ordering process.

The system provides access to a REST-based API which is documented here. We have an integration with Rotabull and can support custom integrations with leading ERP platforms such as Quantum, Pentagon, and others.


Our Messaging System allows you to message Buyers on the Platform and keep track of all the communication within the system. Simply log into the system, go to the request, and message the buyer without leaving the platform. 

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